Introducing a portable and universal door lock with a difference – a simple lock for use by all - small enough to carry in a pocket, lightweight and inexpensive.

Whenever a degree of privacy or security is required, e.g. hostels, offices and student accommodation, in the home or while travelling you are not likely to find a more user-friendly lock to suit your purpose.

Gold Medal Winner at the International Inventions Show, Geneva!

Silver Medal Winner at the British Inventions Show, London!

We are proud to have designed and produced the original Howsarlock and we have been trading for several years. We were recently forced to take legal action against a larger organisation who were copying our lock.

Please be aware that if you are offered for sale an identical looking lock which does not have the "HOWSARLOCK" embossed trademark on it, you have been offered a fake/copy! Please support the original design and steer clear of the copy cats! Thank you!

Any infringements will be taken very seriously and legal action will be taken.