About Howsar Portable Lock

How did the Howsarlock come about?

After forty years teaching Design & Technology and having taken retirement I continued to have an interest in designing.  In 2006 I developed the Howsarlock, not thinking at the time that the lock was likely to ever reach the production stage!

My initial idea was to produce a simple locking device for domestic use. I saw the need for a portable locking system for use on internal doors. After considerable time and effort designing the lock I decided to have a prototype professionally made.  After minor modifications, I was happy with the final design.

I was fortunate to receive financial help from the Wales Innovators Network sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government.  I was invited to exhibit my lock at the British Invention Show in London – the result being a Silver Medal! Following this I exhibited at the worldwide Inventors Show held in Geneva and this resulted in Howsarlock winning a Gold Medal! We were on our way!

The lock has a number of unique advantages

  • Made of reinforced nylon or steel and aluminium alloy, lightweight and inexpensive
  • Simple & quick to install & release – a matter of seconds
  • Adaptable to most inward opening doors
  • Unlikely to damage the woodwork of the door and frame
  • A simple design incorporating only 2 parts with a connecting tie
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of the hand

The lock is currently selling worldwide with positive feedback.  As well as the general public, a number of stores, travel companies, sports shops and security companies purchase our locks – most of these loyal customers date back 10 years.  More recently a number of schools and colleges both at home and abroad have bought the locks.  The locks are being used for college guests’ accommodation and for “lockdown” situations in schools.

 Howsarlocks Key Features

Protect against intruders

Although not intended to replace permanent locks, the Howsarlock provides an additional basic barrier and deterrent protection against intruders.

Hassle free

Simple and quick to install and release – matter of seconds and no need for any tools to secure door.

Worldwide use

Adaptable to nearly all internal doors across the globe.

Rest assured

Lock is inaccessible and invisible from outside the room – provides tamper proof security.

Always secure

Door will be secure even if someone has the key.

Durable design

Simple, uncomplicated design makes it less prone to fault.

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Perfect Gift

Inexpensive, worthwhile gift for a friend or family.


Easily carried in pocket or handbag – fits into the palm of the hand.

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The original portable lock

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Our regular customers include

Police & Crime Prevention Units

Domestic Abuse Services

Schools & Colleges

Corporate Companies & Security Agencies

How it works

Introducing a portable and universal door lock with a difference – a simple lock for use by all – small enough to carry in a pocket, lightweight and inexpensive.

Student Accommodation

Unable to lock your bedroom door in your student house? This is the solution! The lock allows you to lock doors from the inside.

Keep Children Safe

With the Howsarlock, you can be confident that your little one isn’t getting into any danger.

Stay Safe Whilst Travelling

The Howsarlock offers additional overnight security on doors when you’re travelling. Can be installed to most internal doors worldwide.

School Lock Down

Add that extra security to classroom doors with the Howsarlock. Perfect for school lockdowns and drills.

Thanks to our customers

Just a few kind words from people who have purchased our locks.

You can carry it through airport security fine.

If I was a backpacker, especially female, and doing a lot of hostels I’d invest £4.99 in a ‘Howsarlock’ …Very useful for bedrooms and toilet doors.

Team Geared Up

Most grateful for my Howsarlock.

I am an academic specialising in cross-cultural psychology so travel extensively, sometimes to places where the door security is to put it mildly – a little questionable. I therefore am most grateful for my Howsarlock and have used it throughout the world, as well as recommended to many other travellers.

Professor Robin Goodwin

The lock is a simple idea… to keep unwanted intruders out of the room.

 The paranoid traveller will never again lose sleep worrying about housekeeping and no one will need to use a propped chair to lock an unlockable door again.

Road Junky

Our Awards

Gold Medal Winner

International Inventions Show, Geneva.

Silver Medal Winner

British Inventions Show, London.

Bronze Rating

Solid Secure – mechanical security of domestic buildings.